To all of of our realtor partners, we scheduled two day event of video recordings. If you have thought about doing any videos now would be the time to book a time slot. We will record, edit and create final copy for you to send to your data base as well as market on social media!

Example video below


The hour time slots are hard one hour slots. This event has filled up pretty quickly in other regions, and we can’t have people sitting out in the lobby waiting for another group to finish. It’s not fair to them 🙂 

On average, we say that each hour slot can complete between 3-4 videos. 

Please come prepared! We cannot type out scripts for you. It’s very difficult to write scripts and record within that hour. Please email your Scripts to the Loan Officer that invited you to this event. The best format would be a word document or just put your script in the email itself. I would recommend to have each script/video to be NO more than 90 to 120 seconds! 

Don’t wear green!

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We DO require that the Loan Officer be in at least 1 of your 3 videos.

Please fill out the info below and book your time slot!